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Bio-Photonic Light Therapy

Bio-Photonic Light Therapy: Scientifically Proven Healing Power of Infused Light Frequencies

Bio-photonic light systems are the new paradigm in light therapy treatment protocols. No other light therapy system remotely compares to the speed of performance and photon/botanical approach we have developed & patented. Bio-photonic Systems will enable you to treat patients you would otherwise have to turn away and allow you to perform your most effective work as a medical practitioner.

How Does Bio-Photonic Light Therapy Work?

Photon energy is capable of carrying the harmonics or vibrational frequencies of the contents of any liquid through which it passes. Different light frequencies carry varying amounts of harmonic energies with which they come in contact. These devices act as “energy transporters” to carry the photons and vibrational harmonics of the botanical liquid concentrates (bio-photonics) through which the photons pass and imparts those soothing vibrational frequencies into the affected bodily areas resulting in immediate and often long-term positive results.

Bio-photonic Systems combine the best of Western medical light therapy with the purest natural botanicals, herbs, and amino acids to produce a bio-treatment system that represents the best combination of modern and ancient practices.

Below is a list of ailments that can be treated with bio-photonics.


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