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Video Testimonials

Severe Autisim Improved with Holographic Kinetics

Nellie reports an 80% or better improvement in her 7 year old autistic son with Dr. Antoine Chevalier, PhD using holographic kinetics.

Stroke Symptoms & Eyesight Improved with MPS

After one 1 hour treatment from Dr. Chevalier, PhD, with microcurrent point stimulation (MPS) patient describes regaining strength in limbs, improved eyesight and improved diabetes neuropathy.

Class Attendee Says He Is Amazed by MPS Course

Rick has been studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and recently attended a MPS training course by Dr. Antoine Chevalier, PhD. Was amazed at how informative the class was. Changes his perspective on how to treat families in his practice.

Eyesight Returns to Normal After MPS

Jennifer experiences “life-changing” healing with Dr. Antoine Chevalier, PhD after several MPS treatments for her degenerative eye condition. With MPS her condition is now normal after many previous months of failed treatments from traditional medicine.

Spina Bifida Pain Vastly Improved with MPS. “Life-changing”

After getting MPS treatments in Dr. Antoine Chevalier’s MPS course, Mike’s 7 year history of agonizing pain diminished from an “8” to a “1.” (Mike also received Holographic Kinetics)

Eyesight Permanently Improved with MPS Therapy

Penny shares her experience with eyesight improvement after attending an MPS course taught by Dr. Antoine Chevalier, PhD. She can immediately read far better, and “feels great!”

Tremors Greatly Improved with MPS Therapy

As a result of an electric shock when she was very young, this woman has experienced tremors her entire life. In this video, she describes the improvement after MPS treatment from Dr. Antoine Chevalier, PhD – including her ability to hold a glass with just ONE hand and give her first “toast!”

Holographic Kinetics Reduces Addiction

Mike shares his experience with Dr. Antoine Chevalier, PhD and holographic kinetics used to successfully treat his addiction. (Mike also attended an MPS class).